Inga Kashakashvili

What motivates you to play Piano?

The love of music, it is my life and keeps me going.


Besides my teachers, I was also inspired by several great musicians: H. Neuhaus, S. Richter, G. Gould and V. Horowitz. Those musicians “taught me” a lot about music and pianism. From Neuhaus I learned the most important element that musician has to possess — discipline. Richter is a pianist-philosopher who is able to deliver precisely a composers idea. Glen Gould’s innovations in performance and interpretation are always an inspiration for me. Horowitz’s uniqueness stands out in his remarkable way of portraying the unlimited colors of sound.

Earliest memory involving piano playing?

I grew up in a family of musicians. My mother is a piano teacher and my father is a choreographer. My mother had a large influence on my musical development; she was the one who introduced me to music. Thanks to her, I was surrounded by music from the very beginning. Since childhood, I remember listening Berlioz’s “Fantastic Symphony”, Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto, Chopin Etudes and many other beautiful music compositions. It was one little song that inspired me to start playing piano. I loved the song so much that I would sing it over and over. I was only three years old, and of course I didn’t know how to read notes, so I tried to pick up the music by ear. When I sat down to play the song, it came easily. It was joy for me to be able to “perform” my favorite song and share it with my family and friends.

Proudest career moment?

Connecting to the composer’s idea is always the proudest moment of my developing career.

In your opinion, what are the most important qualities in a great pianist?

Physical and mental freedom.

Any tips to aspiring concert pianists?

I would say that patience and commitment to music, not to yourself, is the key to success.

The biggest challenge you have overcome (in piano playing)

When I turned fifteen. I had to perform for event dedicated to a famous Georgian Composer.
I was not nervous at all but as soon as I got on stage and started playing I couldn’t feel my legs or hands. Everything became numb and I fainted. It took me almost a year to come back on stage and perform.

“…capturing her tonal beauty and excitement!”

New York Concert Review



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2 responses to “Inga Kashakashvili

  1. Margarita Giorgobiani

    Great!!!!! Very Proud!

  2. Lasha Arveladze

    Love her, love how she feels the music, her motivation, charisma and immaculate performance. Wish her all the best 😉

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