Julien Beurms

Julien Beurms

What motivates you to play Piano?

I guess many other musicians have already told you this but music is definitely a school of life. When you are a musician, your passion will bring you up to your limits. Music may have a universal message or a message more intimate and personal, but in both cases, it touches you deeply within your soul since music is begins where words end.

I can get more information about a person by listening to him play five minutes of music rather than talking to him for two hours. If this person has a fineness of spirit, a certain humility or a passionate devotion, I’ll find it all very quickly in his piano playing.

Music can lead us into worlds unknown to us, as good literature can make you experience very intense situations you have never experienced in your real life. I am very pleased to be able to share all this beautiful music with my audience and I try to do justice to everything contained in this music.

Playing the piano is for me the way to achieve this, and it permits me to continue my quest of truth.

Victor Rosenbaum…

Many people have influenced me as a pianist and as a human being, and I am afraid I could forget to mention one of them.

The most powerful influence definitely comes from Victor Rosenbaum, a fabulous pianist and teacher with whom I have been very lucky to study. His open-mindedness and his musical knowledge inspired me in such an extent that I have been reconsidering many points of view I had before.

The role of interpreter goes along with an  enormous responsibility and we have to care about everything we undertake, we also have to know why we are doing it. It requires an ability to be very critical with ourselves and it requires a desire to always pursue our quest of truth.

Earliest memory involving piano playing? 

One of the first pieces I played was the Sonata KV 545 in C Major by Mozart. It was one of those pieces my mother taught me when I started playing piano.

I still don’t understand how she succeeded in teaching me this piece since I had never been in contact with a piano before. I got a very comfortable feeling at the piano, it gave me the desire to play more and more.

 Proudest career moment to date? 

One of my proudest career moment is funnily also one of the earliest performance I gave as a child. At the age of 12, I got the chance to make my orchestral debut in the Second Piano Concerto of Chopin, with the youth orchestra of my music school. It was one of the first time I collaborated with other musicians. I remember being very impressed by the orchestral sound surrounding the piano, but I keep a marvelous memory of this feeling. We had many rehearsals and the concert was great!

 In your opinion, what are the most important qualities in a great 


 In my opinion, a great pianist must be patient, humble, open-minded and above all, passionate.

The biggest challenge overcome

I remember learning the Sonata in F-Sharp Minor by Schumann in a very short time. I had to prepare it very quickly for an audition, and it was the first time for me to assimilate so much music (almost 40 minutes of music) in a few days. I learned many things from that experience, and my audition went very well!




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  1. missknowall

    Thank you for introducing us to young, great talents each time anew (:

  2. Maria Angela Capello

    Excelent and motivational interview. Thanks and congrats

  3. Thanks for your comments! Glad that you enjoyed it.

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