Siro Saracino


My passion for the piano comes from intimate emotions and the desire to communicate the feelings that accompany our days. The dynamics of the instrument is immense and every day I want to discover new expressive possibilities.

You have performed in concerts throughout the USA.  Do you you have a favourite concert venue or special memory?

I remember every concert I gave in the United States as something unique, full of memories and feelings. In the United States I was able to express myself as I  always dreamed of, thanks to the sensibility and competence of American listeners.

I have special memories of the first American concert in 2001 in Phoenix, with the performance of Ravel’s Gaspard de la nuit. My most special concert was performed in London in February of 2011, full of emotions and memories.

Who has influenced you as a pianist?

The pianist who has influenced me the most is undoubtedly Ivo Pogorelich.

When I was 14 I spent my days listening to his records and finding beautiful sound dynamics, from Chopin to Ravel.

Other great pianists who have influenced and fascinated me are Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli and Dino Ciani, especially from french music.

 Earliest memory involving piano playing?

I remember the first concert when I was a child and the first competitions in Italy. I loved hearing all the competitors and discovering new music.

Proudest career moment?

In London last year.  I was in London last year for a masterclass at the Trinity College of Music. The concert was very special because everything merged, I achieved maximum expressiveness – thanks to the people who attended the concert. They understood what I wanted to express.

Any tips to young people who want to become concert pianists?

Young pianists should devote hours to details to ensure an excellent performance. Sometimes, however, it is not possible, mainly due to economic problems and a certain insecurities about the future.

But I would advise young pianists never give up and to dedicate their lives to the study of the piano.

The biggest challenge overcome?

The biggest challenge I have overcome is being able to play one of the pieces I dreamt  of  as a child, Gaspard de la nuit by Ravel.


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