Krystian Zimerman

I found this wonderful  interview with great pianist Krystian Zimerman. He talks eloquently about music, artistic journey, sound production, depth and the art of performance. Below: a few inspiring quotes from the interview:

“Music is not sound. Music is actually a flow of emotions organized in time. We are using sound for this. But the sound is not so terribly important as we think. You know, in the last twenty, thirty years – we’ve had an over exposure of sound and sometimes from all these trees, we don’t see the forest anymore…”

“I think honesty is the most important thing. You have to be an honest performer and he piece will develop in your heart, it will mature together with you. And then, the audience also has to mature together with you to understand what happens when you are maturing…”

“The performer has to be the first victim of his performance. He has to honestly die when the piece calls for it.”


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